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Daitoku Tech Co., Ltd. Corporate information


Daitoku Tech has been formed in order to respond to industrial needs and requests.
We have gained a reputation as an industry innovator dedicated to the development and
support of product solutions for the electronics industry. Daitoku Tech is a new and
prestigious engineering organization for automated soldering systems and related
industrial equipment, manufacturing and providing engineering support.
It is also the preferred engineering consultation firm in the industry.
This has been achieved with skillful, experienced engineering staff with use of advanced
technology to improve quality standards.
These standards are constantly being pushed to new limits with additional updated
technology and continuous program improvements.

Management Principle:

Our business is based on originality and ingenuity, motivating employees,
protecting our environment, and producing innovative products.
Our purpose of business is to harmoniously contribute to our industry and society.

Management Policy:

We will contribute our humble efforts to the prosperity of the firm. However,
it is our moral obligation to follow a rational fundamental management spirit.
We utilize our knowledge, experiences, assets and resources to their maximum in
order to produce maximum results.
We recognize the importance of our business and the responsibility of
management to provide the best service and products possible for our customers.
We perform our professional support skills for the electrical and soldering industries.
We will contribute continuous improvements.
We realize that the most important way to perform our business is as a fully unified
team and deal with others wholeheartedly.

Corporate Profile:

Name of the company: Daitoku Tech Co., Ltd.
Founded: August 2006
Notarized Re-registration: August 2007
Headquarter Address: 1377 Kachida-cho,
Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Japan
Postal Zip Code 224-0034
Phone: +81 045-530-4290
Fax: +81 045-530-4493

Company History:

August 2006
Company was founded by Kazunori Ohki as engineering consultant
for DENSEI - TDK LAMBDA providing technical advice and improving productivity and
product quality in Japan, Israel, Great Britain, Malaysia and China.

August 2007
Based on increasing business volume and customer needs, increased common
stock and paid-up capital. Moved Headquarters and
manufacturing to current location in Yokohama.

September 2007
Restructuring and expanding an organization, began operation at the higher level.

October 2007
Started furnishing components and service to our customers.
Design development began for innovative soldering and related equipment.

Major Business Outline and product offerings:

・Solder assembly system quality and productivity
 improvement. Soldering systems
 development and sales.

・Solder assembly system related equipment, tools and
 jigs development and sales.

・Import and export of solder assembly systems and
 related equipment.

・Industrial electrical system and equipment manufacturing,
 sales, import and export.

・Computer system and software development,
 sales, import and export.

・Sanitary equipment manufacturing, design,
 sales, import and export.

・Automobile and ship equipment manufacturing sales
 import and export.

・Mail-order distribution.

・Used equipment sales, import, and export.

・Management consultant.

・Any items related to those mentioned above.

Activity Policy:

1) Through direct partnership with customers,
we maintain an innovative leadership,
continuous improvements and development in of
electrical assembly industries.
This has been achieved through the use of customer
feedback and continuous improvement programs
within all areas the business.

2) Providing customer total soldering engineering
support and components with
reasonable price and on-site support.

3) Concentrating and providing excellent support for
soldering engineering consulting service.

4) Provide diversified development for automatic controlled systems and development.

5) Increasing sales volume of our innovative products and advertising capability.
Wave solder systems will be produced for the advertising, evaluation and
testing by our customers.

We are a newly developed, fresh company. We were formed in August 2006. All of our
employees have many years of experience in the industries we support and are
extremely knowledgeable in the areas we support.
We are a small engineering group who is capable of providing dedicated
support to our customers.

It is our hope that this will give you the necessary background and
confidence to proceed. We always continue to be a leader in “state of the art”
wave soldering process. We expect to maintain that leadership role in the future.